Kadija de Paula

Kadija de Paula combines food, text and performance to make self-organizing and alternative economical experiments.

Kadija was activating the kitchen at Capacete, and before she used the book store as an office with other members of Agência Transitiva, a collective we had between 2013 and 2015. The office usage was called as Programa Epifita.


Asia Komarova

“I have been running the kitchen of Capacete for the last 3 years, sporadically but always present. In the forwarded maps you have three events that I found the most relevant:

– Exavating the Antropochene

– reading group of the Queer Vegan Manifesto

– the creation of: cozinha en estado de ____________

In all these 3 projects Capacete went thought a big transformation. With the first one the becoming of organic, where we cooked with organic ingredients from local farmers. With the second one, the becoming vegan. And finally with the last one the becoming less centralised, with minor heirachical organisation”