Arendse Krabbe

I’m a Western European white, privileged, female artist. I’m concerned with how the structures, hierarchies and systems we live in shape us. In Copenhagen I’m a part of a group that produces radio. The group consist of people who are seeking asylum, people that are underground, people with residence permit and people with a Danish citizenship, as me. The Bridge Radio started as a protest against the capitalistic-colonial strategies of creating a repressive migration regime in EU. We find it essential never to keep silent about what is happening at the EU borders, in places of detention and the asylum system. We strive to create a platform where people can share their own stories and experiences.

My desire to apply for the residency is informed by Suely Rolnik regarding “our ability, or rather of our body’s ability, to be affected by the forces of the world as a living being.” I’m interested in developing methods that can allow and accommodate oneself and subject groups to be affected by the forces of the world. I believe that it is through these affects that there is a potential to dismantle the capitalistic-colonial structures. My approach is first and foremost that I’m open to who and what I meet whilst being aware of where I come from and what my body represents. In continuation of this I set up meetings, I listen, I make affective cartographies, I invite people to make group exercises and read. When I wake up in the morning I start the day by listening to the dream I had during the night seeking to learn from it.