The Labyrinth Metaphor and the Illusion of History – CAPACETE Program # 2





The conversation with the black intellectual, African leader and guerrilla leader 
Ailton Benedito de Souza, aims to question the divorce between non-hegemonic logics and the
notion of history, as well as the separation between the perception of social struggle and the 
dispute for symbolic imaginary. Mediated by the curator, researcher and performer Ana Beatriz Almeida, 
the conversation moves through the biography of the Alabode himself, his productions and intersections 
from the logic of African matrix.


Ailton Benedito de Sousa Alabode do Ile Agboula. Black militant affiliated to the PCB from 1961. 
Founder of the IPCN- Black Cultures Research Institute. Journalist provisioned with revoked record 
after arrests during the period of the military civil dictatorship. Arrested on the following 
occasions from 1968: snake island / flower island / naval armament center / dops. Jubilated in the 
5th year of the Bachelor of Laws Course / UniB (predecessor of UERJ) in 1968 due to dictatorial law. 
Bachelor of Arts: Portuguese-English (1976) Universidade Souza Marques /
Bachelor Civil Engineering 1989 / Veiga de Almeida University

**Ana Beatriz Almeida is a guest curator at the 2020 Glasgow Biennale, a master’s degree student in
History and Aesthetics of Art at MAC-USP and a PhD student at King’s College (UK).
Contributor at the Platform 01.01.

After late 2018 and early 2019 she gave workshops at European and
African institutions on her research into new tools of contemporary art criticism from African and
African descent rites (YEAR INSTITUTE- Accra / Ghana, Zinsou – Cotonou / Benin, Tate Modern-London /
England, CCA- Glasgow / Scotland, KM Institute for Contemporary Art- Berlin / Germany).
This research was based on the 4 years of immersive field research conducted by UNESCO on the black body traditions of the communities of Baba Egun and the Good Death Brotherhood.

As an artist she finalizes this year’s long-lasting performance GUNGA, which began in 2009,
whose episodes were Banzo (performance in Afrocariocas- Amsterdan / HL.2009), Banzo-Middle Passage
(video installation, XV Bienal do Recôncavo, BA / BR. 2011), Kalunga (installation,
CCSP- São Paulo Cultural Center, SP / BR. 2016), About Ritual Sacrifice
(performance in Itau Cultural, SP / BR. 2018) and Can Serrat Summer Residency
(Can Serrat, Barcelona / ES 2018)