Johan Grimonprez

“In 1979, when he was thirty-nine, Jim Lewis decided to try to find his identical twin brother, from whom he was separated at birth. Six weeks later, Jim Lewis knocked on the door of Jim Springer. The moment they shook hands, they felt close as if they had known each other their whole lives. Not only that, they also learned about an amazing series of coin- cidences in their twindom. To begin with they realized they both were named Jim by their adoptive parents. Both had grown up with adoptive brothers called Larry. Both had married girls named Linda, divorced them and then both married girls named Betty. Both had named their sons James Allan. Both had owned a dog named Toy. Both chain smoked the same make of cigarette. The twins were fascinated, not only in these similarities in experience but by their mental similarities—one would start to say something and the other would finish it.”