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What is the real cost for the participant?
The total cost of the program is USD 17.000 (on todays rate april 2014). For each participant, depending from which country he or she is, we will have a specific solution for the grant that covers 85% of the total cost (grant = USD 15.000). The USD 2.400 must be paid by the participant in two installment. It is up to the participant, together with the team of CAPACETE, to work to find funding to cover the 85% (USD 15.000). After the selection process we will start fundraising with the selected candidates. Each case will be treated separately. For those candidates that have no option to find funding, due to lack of institution in their home country for example, CAPACETE is offering 2 to 3 grants of 85% of the total cost (USD 15.000). It is important to notice that the remaining USD 2.400 must still be contributed by the selected candidate even if he or she has no possibility of finding funding for these costs. As written in the program, we will offer payed work for these situations.

We also advice that the cost of Visas can vary from 40 to 60 USD for the first process (while still in your home country when applying to the visa at the Brazillian embassy) and another 100 USD while arriving in Brazil as for local bureaucracy work at the federal police. Laws have been changing quiet a lot and therefor we advice that these numbers can vary.

Is there an age limit for applying?
No, we accept application by all ages. It is important to notice that this program was designed for candidates in their beginning of their career. Individuals that already have a certain focus in their work and are searching to contribute to this program in a collective sense.

How do the working possibilities work? How many hours? How much is payed?
After the selection process and together with the selected candidate we will discuss whom it might interest to work as an internship for an artist (please see the list of participating artist in the program link). These internships will have different formats and are designed according to the needs of the artists or organization that are offering these possibilities and the need of our selected candidates specific qualities (graphic design, manual work, translation etc.). Each case will be treated individually. The internships will vary from 10 to 20 hours weekly and designed according to the necessities of both partners. The per/hour value of the payment is discussed individually with each professional and CAPACETE has no insight into this. It is important to understand that not everybody can have such a situation as this depends very much on the matching situation wich is unpredictable. We also advice that such a work may only start in April 2016 as the participants needs time to adapt to local conditions and needs time to meet the professional and see what can be done practically. We can not garanteed that all participants will find a place.

Is the rent included in the program?
Rents are not included in the program and it is up to the participant to find his or her solution. The CAPACETE team will help to find solutions. At this very moment we have 4 rooms in a generous and comfortable apartment for disposal with a monthly rent of about USD 500 (all included: internet, water, electricity etc.). These rooms will be at the disposal of the selected candidates for those that may want and need to share a common place. After the selection process e will help to find other solutions for individual or collective rents. For 2015 we have collaborated with another artists that has a beautiful house in the neighborhoods of Cosme Velho with 5 rooms and we have therefor had all our participants hosted in good conditions with same price USD 500 all included. This situation might not be here in 2016, but we will do our best to help each of our candidate. It is important to notice that Rio has turned into an expensive renting city, like most big capitals in the world (now for the upcoming Olympics in 2016), meaning that expectation by the renting person must be much more flexible. CAPACETE is very conscious about this problem and we are already working to have different solutions on hand, but we have to underline, that CAPACETE can not be responsible to find a perfect and equal solution for each selected candidate.

When and where shall the selected participant arrive?
Once we have the list of the selected participants we will organize housing and other bureaucracies (funding and visa etc.). In the case of the Brazilian participant that might choose to find his own housing we advice to be here right after Carnaval 2015. The exact dates will be briefly announced after the selection process. It is very possible that the 2016 program starts in Lima/Peru or another capital of a south american country. This will be decided together with the selected candidates (probably around September 2015).

Is it possible to participate in the seminars separately?
No. We expect that all participant attend most seminars and talks of the program., beside case of external exhibition or other personal related issues. All collaborators will have an talk open to the general public.

In which language are the seminars?
Most seminars will be in English but we highly recommend that the participant comes with a basic knowledge of Portuguese or Spanish. We will organize Portuguese classes for the interested participants with a small contribution. We hope that all participant come out of the program speaking basic Portuguese. For this year of 2015 we have 7 participants taking portugues class in a collective way (7 USD per head per 1 and a half hour).

Is it possible to work during the program?
The seminars will happen in different hours of the day and are still beeing elaborated by our team and the collaborators. We will try to adapt the best to the participants agenda. Nevertheless this is a full program requiring that all participants are fully focused in participating in most offered programs. All workshops will have a duration of around 20 hours per week making it almost impossible to have another fix full time job besides attending this program (this is more for a local resident). Otherwise we are looking forward to have all particpant working on other jobs, projects etc. as much as possible. We underline that the offered internships are already part of that strategy while offering an economical solution.

What are these 8 hours dedication to the program?
This program was designed to have a good, reasonable prices and collective spirit. To achieve this we think that active participation is important meaning working at the library (which will be open for the general public, organizing events (fundraising etc.), maintenance of the webpage, translation of texts etc. The 8 hours per week, depending on the group, may be completely different from this first stipulation. We will discuss this problem in a collective from once the program starts.

Will the participant have an individual studio?

CAPACETE in its 16 years of existence and more than 300 professionals, has never had individual studios. We are not a studio focused program. CAPACETE has a house which is its head quarter and where we will arrange tables according to the need of the collectivity and also individual needs. CAPACETE is focused on the collective process. The participants private house/room should fulfill these specific individual needs.


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