The program is designed as a fluid and adaptive platform of exchange between the participants and the lecturers and advisors. The program will offer 9 seminars given by 9 lecturers from different backgrounds. Seminars will extend from 3 days to up to 5 days duration. Each lecturer will also do a public talk open to the main public. In addition, different talks, presentations and events will be organized throughout the year with other guest lecturers.

One of the ambitions of our program is to have each yearly program culminate in a collective project, designed by the participants, one that can take on any number of forms (presentation, performance, publication, exhibition, seminar etc.). However, in keeping with the participative logic of our project, rather than frame this as a requirement, we prefer to conceive of it as a potential whose actualization will be decided by the participants themselves.

Participants are also encouraged to develop individual projects. Use of the facilities of CAPACETE resort office and exhibition space and other infrastructure will be made available for such projects, and contact with local institutions and agents will also be facilitated. The program will organize trips to different sites of interests in accordance with the selected group of participants (walks, seminars in different sites); and for this, will collaborate with similar organizations in Brazil and South America.

Studio visits with local and visiting professionals, as well as visits to the studios of local artists will also be organized. It is important to note that CAPACETE is not a studio-based program. Work facilities are available and can be organized on a case-by-case basis, but designated workspaces are not automatically provided for each participant.

Travels will be organized once the group is composed and must take into account the general program of the year. Example : study trip to Minas Gerais, a project that is part of the lecture of Carla Zaccagnini ; a trip to another country in latin america ) should be carried forward as finances allow ) etc.

Our residency place in the Copan building in Sao Paulo, will be of full advantage for participants on their visits to Sao Paulo and also should provoke different forms of collaboration with professionals in this city.