The 2015 and 2016 program were conceptualized and designed by the founder Helmut Batista

The team of CAPACETE 2015 is divided in 4 main groups:

1 – Out team of 3 tutors for 2015 will follow our candidates along the year of 2015; Amilcar Packer, Manuela Moscoso and Helmut Batista; for our 2016 program we will have: Amilcar Packer, Daniela Castro and Helmut Batista

2 – Our team of lectures 2015: Andrea Fraser (USA), Suely Rolnik (São Paulo), Carla Zaccagnini (São Paulo), Daniela Castro (São Paulo), Bik van der Pol (The Netherlands), Jorge Menna Barreto (São Paulo), Pedro de Niemeyer Cesarino(São Paulo), Ricardo Basbaum Rio de Janeiro) , Cristoph Keller (Germany), Amilcar Packer (São Paulo) e Helmut Batista (Rio de Janeiro);

Our team for 2016: Andrea Fraser, Pedro de Niemeyer Cesarino , Raimond Chaves, Leandro Cardoso Nerefuh, Teresa Riccardi, Max Hinderer, Falke Pisano, Julien Bismuth and Elfi Turpin.

3 – Our team for the Winter Program 2016 (launching april 2015); curator of the program is Manuela Mosocos (Equador/Colômbia)

4 – Our team of lecturs: this group is composed by more than 40 profissionals that are announced every single week if 2016

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