Bernardo Stumpf

Brazilian artist, art-educator and cultural stirrer, graduate in dance, mainly interested in articulating different forms and conditions to develop sensible material and experience.

“CAPACETE was the second of a series of six residencies I participated in 2012/2013, in which I was developing a gestural, behavioral, choreographic and conceptual research I was calling “Escavações” (Excavations). Once I was able to have a lot of proper time to arrange my activities along all of those residencies, and having CAPACETE’s context in between of two others where I was and would be pushed hard into practical experimentation, I decided to make Rio (a very familiar place for me, because I lived there for 10 years) a place/context to be more quiet and still, reading more, listening more, paying attention and so on. I remember the moments of the days I enjoyed the most were like being at the kitchen with other artists, listening to their desires, concerns, struggles and efforts, cooking and talking about nothing precise, chit-chatting with the woman that used to clean the common spaces of the apartment (I’m sorry I don’t remember the names of much of those companions, but for me what mattered were their presences), and also when someone was being visited by outsiders; it was great having time to give time to the presence of the other. Maybe that’s the clearer remembrances (maybe more as feelings) I have from the time at CAPACETE, but nonetheless, despite blurred and apparently artistically meaningless, those experiences brought me thoughts and motivations that were deeply important for the sequels of my excavations.”