Exception, expulsion, extraction: cartographies of violence in the Americas







Speaker: Paulo Tavares (autonoma)
Mediators: Fernanda Bruno (MediaLab.UFRJ) and Adriano Belisário (MediaLab.UFRJ)
The military intervention in Rio; the forced displacement of indigenous communities in southern Ecuador for the opening of a mega-copper mine; the violence of the various colonialisms and extractivisms perpetuated in the Americas. In Exception, Expulsion, Extraction: cartographies of violence in the Americas, the architect and urbanist Paulo Tavares articulates these themes by exploring the tools of architecture, investigative journalism, mapping and data analysis, in their aesthetic and political dimensions, as as instruments in the struggle of human and non-human rights.
Tavares explores space and its forms of representation as fields of relations of power and conflict, mobilizing the architecture as an instrument of knowledge and civic agency. If the city is a right, he argues, “architecture is a form of advocacy.” Projects include Memory of the Earth, Archeology of Violence, Tierra Arrasada (Guatemala: Operacion Sofia), and his latest project, Expulsión: cartografias del desplazamiento. Held in partnership with MediaLab.UFRJ, Expulsion investigates the process of forced displacement of indigenous and peasant communities in Cordillera del Condor, located in the south of Ecuador, through the presentation of a series of cartographic, documentary, photographic and archaeological evidences.



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