Lilian Maus

Lilian Maus is an artist/researcher and born in Salvador – Bahia, Brazil. She currently resides between the cities of Porto Alegre, Osório and Recife. She has a PhD in Visual Poetics from PPGAV – Arts Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and a Masters in Art History, Theory and Criticism. From the same University, she has also obtained a B.A. in Plastic Arts and a B.Ed. in Visual Arts. As a researcher she writes for art magazines and manages publications, such as the book “The Ladies Have the Floor: dialogues on the inclusion of women in visual arts” (2014) and “Studies of the Earth” (2017).

“In 2011 I participated in the CAPACETE’s Program for Latin American artists and it really caused great changes in my life. In this residence I met friends who have transformed me deeply and with whom I have been developing artistic projects. Since then, we have come sharing a life, feeding good conversations, discussions and having an intense conviviality. In CAPACETE I learned that art can often spring from a good breakfast, without the need to call it “art”, without setting specific goals for a project, just letting the flow of creation be born happily and spontaneously. No one walks a path alone, the artist is interdependent of the system in which he operates and changes are only possible through actions with peers, understanding the complexity of art beyond the walls of the museum.”