Seminar Indigestion Languages ​​and Visual Policies

Languages ​​of Indigestion and Visual Policies is the title of Daniel Sepúlveda's seminar and performance reading. The notions of aesthetics, language and visuality are crossed by the white colonial heritage, a factor that determines the ways in which these concepts were materialized throughout the so-called universal history. The seminar “Languages ​​of indigestion and visual policies” is proposed as a place to put these categories in tension, in order to imagine other forms of perception that, in turn, intervene in the field of production of the sensory to disengage / disable oculocentrism and its colonial dictatorship (Valencia, 2019).

 This seminar lasts 8 months and will be held in person and online with several invited professors and intervention actions in the public space. We are calling on all artists, researchers and people interested in the topics raised by the seminar. The first block has the following form: -visual languages ​​and coloniality of seeing -cartographies of coloniality, oculocentrism and its colonial dictatorship ** @ laryssamachada will be our first invited teacher in this first block



The Seminar on Indigestion Languages ​​and Visual Policies (@cipei_) along with the 
# CAPACETE2019_2020 program features:

Workshop with Laryssa Machada * on days 2 (from 17 to 20h) and December 3 (from 16 to 19hr)

the fiction of the end has arrived; One of the paths passed through the leaves is to double time space. 
It's all made up now, the world I'll tell you. ///
"Sometimes to Access the Earth We Must Fall" are imaginary (and energetic) rituals of reconnecting 
with our [non] memories to enter the future from a critical eye on colonial historicity and the 
transit of non-hegemonic bodies through the city. . Through the construction of photoperformances 
that include symbols / objects / gestures from Amerindian and aphrodiasporic populations, the idea 
is to visit the healing process that racialized bodies build daily from their [re] creations of reality.
 In the ambition to redesign the future, it is impossible to do so from the oblivion of these violence.
 Thus, we evoke imaginary rituals to realize the axes of cleansing, discharging negative ebos, 
historical quizilas.
The purpose of the workshop is to visit the participant dxs memories seeking to double time-space, 
building new imagery references and rewriting the historicity of the land we ascended. 
|| LIMITED VACANCIES || * @ laryssamachada is a visual artist, photographer and filmmaker.
 builds images as rituals of decolonization and reinvention of reality. His works discuss 
the construction of image about LGBT's, indigenous people, quilombolas, people of the street. 
believe in the weather and storms.
This seminar is made possible by @princeclausfund

The second block of the seminar Languages of Indigestion and Visual Policies begins in the second week of January.
In collaboration with @pencecoletivo @cipei_ and our resident Daniel Sepúlveda.

The notions of aesthetics, language and visuality are crossed by the white-colonial heritage, a factor that determines the ways in which these concepts were materialized throughout the so-called universal history.
The seminar [Languages] of indigestion and visual policies is proposed as a space to put these categories in tension, in order to imagine other forms of perception that, in turn, intervene in the field of production of the sensory to disable / disable oculocentrism and
his colonial dictatorship (Valencia, 2019) - Burn after indigestion, first meeting of this second bloc. El Consumo de Imágenes de Linchamientos, Raiford, Leigh.





With the sales of books and works by renowned artists, CAPACETE will enable the CAPACETE 2019 // 2020 
Program, which includes 6 artists, including 2 Brazilian artists, who will carry out their 
research for 1 year.

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We thank Andrea Fraser, Laura Lima, Falke Pisano, Ivan Navarro, Deborah Engel, Cildo Meireles, 
Angelo Venosa, José Bechara and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané for donating their works.

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Ina Hagen

During her time at Capacete, artist and writer Ina Hagen (NO) sets out to learn about the residency’s long history and how it has maintained connected to its local and extended community over the years. Central to her inquiries is intimacy; how it is enacted across relations that have been forged in times of difficulty, how intimacy gives and takes, and how it eventually weaves or unravels a feeling of solidarity with others. With Capacete as a frame of reference, she is curious to discuss how such solidarity is maintained, and whether intimacy still remains a meaningful force in the current face of increasingly polarised public life.

Ina Hagen (b.1989, Norway) is an artist and writer based in Oslo. Her work explores layers of mediation between audiences, artwork and artists, in order to create instances of collective, critical reflection. She explores this through performative situations and platforms for social thinking. Hagen has been running one such platform; Louise Dany, together with artist Daisuke Kosugi, from their home and adjacent store-front since 2016. She writes regularly for the Scandinavian online art journal, and is the deputy chair of the young artist’s membership organization and contemporary art institution, UKS (Young Artist’s Society). Hagen has exhibited at: INCA, Seattle (Solo); Kunsthall Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; Podium, Oslo, among others. Upcoming exhibitions include the tenth Momentum biennale in Moss (The Emotional Exhibition, 2019) and INDEX – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm.




Residency CAPACETE + Mophradat


Open call: Residency for a curator at Capacete in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 1 to June 30, 2019
Deadline: September 14

دعوة مفتوحة: إقامة فنية لقيم فني/قيمة فنية مدتها ثلاثة أشهر في كاباسيتى في ريودي جانيرو، البرازيل، من ١ ابريل حتى ٣٠ يونيو/حزيران، ٢٠١٩
أخر موعد للتقدم: ١٤ سبتمبر/أيلول

Mophradat in collaboration with Capacete in Rio de Janeiro, #Brazil, is offering a residency opportunity for one curator from the Arab world to develop their practice in a professional context. The residency lasts for three months, with flights, accommodation, visa and insurance costs, and monthly stipend provided, and includes the opportunity to participate in all of Capacete’s programs and a suggested program of visits to galleries and sites of interest in Rio de Janeiro, as well as to meet arts practitioners in the Brazilian art scene. More details and to apply:

تتعاون «مفردات» مع كاباسيتى في ريودي جانيروعلى فرصة إقامة للقيمين الفنيين من العالم العربي لتطوير ممارستهم في سياق محترف وإنتاج مشاريع جديدة تعكس تجاربهم وبحثهم. تستمر الإقامة ثلاثة أشهر ويتم تغطية تكاليف السفر والإقامة والفيزا والتأمين والمصاريف اليومية وتضمن فرصة الإشتراك في كل برامج كاباسيتى وبرنامج مقترح لزيارات لمعارض ومواقع مثيرة للاهتمام في ريودي جانيرو بالإضافة لمقابلة ممارسين فنيين في المشهد الفني البرازيلي. للمزيد من المعلومات ولطلب الالتحاق، إضغط هنا:
طلب الالتحاق باللغة الانجليزية فقط لأنها سوف تكون لغة عمل الإقامة.

Valentina Desideri

foto: Daniela Pinheiro



Valentina Desideri is an Amsterdam-based artist. She trained in contemporary dance at the Laban Centre in London (2003–2006) and later on did her MA in Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (2011–13). She does Fake Therapy and Political Therapy, she co-organises Performing Arts Forum in France, she engages in Poethical Readings with Prof. Denise Ferreira da Silva, she speculates with many, she reads and writes.

She is available to share the practices and tools I use and research (Political Therapy as well as various reading and healing practices) with whomever is interested in experiencing and further exploring them with her. She is particularly interested in approaching study as a practice of healing, but how that can be done and what kind of collective experiments of study we could set up during the residency is totally up to encounters, circumstances and urgent necessities that emerge.
To contact her e-mail:







This open call invites new proposals for the selection of 10 participants for the CAPACETE programme 2019, lasting for 10 months, from March 2019 to December 2019


The application form must be sent by e-mail to:

The application form can be found below.

Along with the application form, the candidate must send a résumé (CV) and portfolio.


Deadline for application and submission of material:  10th June 2018.


Registration is free.


Download (PDF, 115KB)

Download (PDF, 85KB)


Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui em CORPO PÁ



Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui é fundadora do Taller de História Oral Andina e do grupo autogestionado Coletivx Ch’ixi. Trabalha temas como memória, oralidade e movimentos sociais indígenas populares, principalmente na região Aymara. Silvia vem ao CAPACETE para participar do programa CORPO PÁ, um programa de trocas intensivas que tocam as relações ancestrais entre corpo, memória, território e produção de conhecimento afim de trocar e praticar estratégias para encontrar a linguagem dos rituais, da dança, do sonho, do trabalho cênico, da ecologia, da artesania, dentre outros, numa combinação da prática artística com a prática comunitária.


corpo pá com silvia rivera cusicanqui


*imagem e foto Joe Bugila


o CAPACETE Rio lança seu PROGRAMA CONTINUADO para 2017.
um programa para a pausa, para os sentidos aliados a produções em arte/e/tangentes que miram na raíz da imaginação além da cena.

o programa contempla como método encontros continuados que pe(n)sam situações e bibliografias invisibilizadas pelo processo colonial.

em um contexto artístico no qual o Sul é apontado como estado de espírito se faz necessário problematizar também o corpo que o carrega oferecendo possibilidades para a invenção dessa força de vida.

PROGRAMA CONTINUADO é proposto e desenvolvido por/com Asia Komarova, Jorge Menna Barreto, Joe Bugila, Daniela Seixas, João Vicente, Camilla Rocha Campos, Cíntia Guedes, Marie Hømer Westh, Gil & Moti, Marssares, Max Hinderer, Safira Moreira e Inaê Moreira, Jorge Soledar, Elisa de Magalhães, Feira Fio Dental, Tuanny Medeiros, Marta Lopes, André Emídio, Luix Gomes, Daniel Santos, dentre outrxs.




Epiphyte Program

programa epifita

Agência Transitiva is a landless space-vehicle that, as lives an epiphyte plant, at suit 3301 of jardin CAPACETE, where it germinates work, encounters, exchanges and co-living. Without removing nutrients from the hull the epiphyte program utilizes this space-situ as a support to reach its ideal environment in the forest strata. Common in tropical forests, this practice allows for herbaceous plants to cooperate circularly for light, air, and space prospering even without soil.

Agência Transitiva came about in 2013, as a multiple organism formed by artists, researchers, translators, hackers, designers, students, managers, dancers, etc., that reconfigure itself according to each action. In 2015, in addition to piloting this prototype plant the agents Pedro Victor Brandão, Maíra das Neves, Kadija de Paula and Thais Medeiros also cultivate CAPACETE’s bookstore, from Wednesday to Friday from 15:00 to 19:00 together with participants of CAPACETE’s annual program.

Agência Transitiva creates co-living experiences, shared auto-education, socio-economic experiments, and chain reactions.

Rua Benjamin Constant, 131/ 3301 Glória – Rio de Janeiro – RJ 20241-150 Brasil