Maíra das Neves

Maíra das Neves is a trans-disciplinary artist, translator, and researcher currently based in São Paulo, Brazil. She sees language as a battlefield. She is currently researching decolonial practices within artists’ writings for her Master degree in Literature, Culture, and Contemporaneity at PUC-Rio. She graduated in Fine Arts at FAAP (São Paulo, 1998), and attended Aprofundamento– EAV/Parque Lage, (Rio de Janeiro, 2010) and Universidade de Verão – CAPACETE (Rio de Janeiro, 2013). Selected art residencies: Lastro Centro-América, (Antigua Guatemala, 2015), Z/KU – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Berlin, 2014), CAPACETE (Rio de Janeiro, 2009). Solo shows: Portas Vilaseca Galeria (Rio de Janeiro, 2013), Espaço Sergio Porto (Rio de Janeiro, 2013), Programa de Exposições CCSP (São Paulo, 2013). She kept the “Ateliê 1m2” at Bhering Studios, (Rio de Janeiro 2010/2013), where she organized and hosted open presentations and experiments of many artists. She was part of Agência Transitiva (2013-2015). With them she experimented different modes of financial support, collective writing, and adhesive transversal networking.