Costs and fees


All participants must pay a fixed participation fee of R$ 6.000 (approximately U$2.400 / Euros 2.000 per year), to be paid in two instalments (please see the application for more information). This fee corresponds to 15% of the total cost of running the program. The other 85% of the program costs will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis requiring that candidates, together with CAPACETE, apply to foundations and institutions in their home country for funding. In our 2015 program all participants received the 85% grants and 3 received a 100% full grant.

The total cost of running the program is R$ 40.000 (approximately U$ 17.000 / Euros 13.000) per participant. CAPACETE and its supporters are granting 85% of these costs (R$ 34.000). This cost does not include housing, food, transportation or other expenses that may be incurred by participants.

It is the intention of CAPACETE to find financing for the cost of the program for all participants through fellowships from foundations, governments, and the private sector. CAPACETE will work with each selected candidate to find the best financial solution for their participation in the program on a need-base system. While this financial assistance cannot be guaranteed, it is our ambition to help each and every accepted candidate to be financed for the remaining 85% of the program fees.

CAPACETE will offer 2 to 3 grants to applicants who do not have access to scholarships and other financial aid through national and international institutions or private donors. These grants will not cover the fixed participation fee of R$ 6.000 (approximately U$2.400 / Euros 2.000 per year)*. These fees will remain the responsibility of the grantees.

*Although in our 2015 program we had 4 grants covering 100% of the fee, we ask the candidate not to consider this as an option as decisions on these situations do vary a lot.

CAPACETE may offer opportunities for up to 15 hours a week of paid work to interested participants to help them finance their stay in Rio de Janeiro. In 2015 we are collaborating* with Antônio Dias, Ernesto Neto, Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, Daniel Steegmann, Galleria Nara Roesler Rio de Janeiro and Arto Lindsay. More opportunities are being organized. These will include paid internships with local artists and institutions. Participants can rent a living space in our structure (private or shared room and not available for all) or may find their own accommodation (see application form). All participants will also be asked to dedicate 8 hours a week to the maintenance of the space (library, program planning, planting, cooking, cleaning etc.).

*at the moment when we are launching this new open call, these were the names involved in the program! It is to be noticed that this prgram can not garantee a job while you are here.