CAPACETE is a new annual program in Rio de Janeiro dedicated to the parctice and research in the field of arts and critical thinking, which will receive 10-15 participants a year. The first edition started in March 2015. Thinking is action.

List of participants of the program CAPACETE 2016

Anna Bak
Aurélia Defrance
Caetano Maacumba
Camilla Rocha Campos
Ian Erikson-Kery
Jonas Lundt
Julia Retz
Marilia Loureiro
Soledad Leon
Thora Doven Balke

List of participants of the program CAPACETE 2015

Caroline Valansi (BRAZIL),
Daniel Jablonski (BRAZIL),
Giseli Vasconcelos (BRAZIL),
Lucas Sargentelli (BRAZIL),
Joen Vedel (DENAMARK),
Adeline Lepi (FRENCH),
Oliver Bulas (GERMAN),
Tanja Baudoin (HOLAND),
Félix Luna (MEXICO),
Andrew de Freitas (NEW ZEALAND),
Komarova Asia (RUSSIA),
Refilwe N Nkomo (SOUTH AFRICA),
Maricruz Alarcon (CHILE)

A Brief History of CAPACETE  CAPACETE grows out of the CAPACETE Entertainments residency program.  CAPACETE entertainments is a non-profit autonomous initiative for cross-disciplinary investigation, production and public debate, designed to promote a diverse range of initiatives, most of which were specifically related to Brazil and the Latin American context. Based in Rio de Janeiro since 1998, as well as in São Paulo since 2009, CAPACETE has networked with diverse actors and initiatives of local, national and international political-socio-cultural life, with the perspective of developing medium to long-term collaborations. Within private and public cultural institutions and the academic world, CAPACETE has sought to dissect forms of subjectivities inherent in contemporary life by producing different ways of thinking and new forms of action within its local context. CAPACETE has undertaken activities such as seminars, publications, national and international exhibitions, artists and authors’ research residencies, as well as multidisciplinary presentations of work that engage with a plurality of contemporary critical practices. The residency project will continue to exist by working to assist projects initiated by ex-residents. The new CAPACETE program outlined in this text will start its activities based on knowledge acquired from our longstanding experience with former residents and collaborators.   CAPACETE basic activities are the following  1 – Annual program (restricted to selected participants)  CAPACETE is a new one-year program in the city of Rio de Janeiro 13 international participants, selected by open call, dedicated to research and practice in the arts and critical thought. It will start its first edition in March 2015. This program is neither a school neither an art residence; it shall be an experimental program were all participants and contributors live an active space of horizontal discussions. The programs offers 10 seminars and more than 40 public talks, besides studio visits and other collective activities. Three tutors, Amilcar Packer, Manuela Moscoso and Helmut Batista will follow the group along the year. The mission of CAPACETE is to promote discussion and discourse among the society as a whole and to promote knowledge exchange in the field of visual contemporary culture.  2 – Wednesday public talks This program consists of talks and presentations by different professionals from different disciplines. The program of each month is designed in accordance with the given seminar of the month and is programmed one month ahead and made public on our webpage. These programs may also include book presentations, musical events, performances etc.   3 – Editions and bookshop and library We have a book shop which is open every Wednesday through Friday from 15 to 19:00. We sell our published books and others.