Prerna Bishnoi


Prerna Bishnoi is an artist, filmmaker and researcher whose practice is at the co-influence of filmmaking, performativity, study and spatial production. She is concerned with the conditions of work and play and works with strategies of creating, organising and mobilising communities in struggles of commoning through films, texts, storytelling, games and sound pieces. Operating from a position of critical intimacy, she works towards actively re-imagining existing systemic relations. She currently lives in Trondheim but roots her practice in both India and Norway.
During the residency I will be working on my project ‘Surface Tension’ that is primarily located around the spectacularly foamy Bellandur lake in Bangalore. I hope to draw lines between the commons experiences of toxicity (from Bangalore to Brazil), paying special attention to symptoms of toxicity (aural and visual), acts of resistance, toxic time (from spectacular toxic events, their aftermath to the slow impact of toxicity on bodies and spaces). I will also work on creating a plant portrait of the invasive species Water Hyacinth, native to Brazil. In India (called ‘Bengal’s Terror’ among other names), the plant is a remnant of an encounter with Western imperialism and is now a symptom of dissolved pollutants in the water while making water transportation and hydro-power difficult. In its native waters, I am interested in its manifestation in art, folklore, oral histories, literature and poetry. Water Hyacinths fascinate me because it is historically an exotic plant, gifted far and wide for its beauty but who finds it beautiful today when it insists on resisting and transforming economic uses of water bodies?





*** this residence is a collaboration between Capecete and OCA (