Nikos Doulos

Experiencing connecting issues“- CAPACETE Athens 2017

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Nikos Doulos is a visual artist, curator, and co-director of Expodium in Utrecht (NL) – an ‘urban do tank’ that utilizes artistic means to address urban challenges and the ever-changing nature of cities.

Doulos interests lie with the investigation of pedagogical modes for inclusive knowledge production framed under site-specific research trajectories and temporal interventions. In his work, he creates malleable situations/conditions as participatory infrastructures and ‘soft’ knowledge generators. 

Walking holds a predominant part in his practice. 

He is the founder of NIGHTWALKERS – a participatory nocturnal walking project investigating the contemporary identity of the flanêur, performed in (among others) the Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, South Korea and Greece 

He has presented collaborative projects at the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts (Budapest), Bildmuseet (Umeå), participated at the Impakt Festival (Utrecht), the Athens Biennale: #4 AGORA and the 53rd October Salon and has lead workshops for UNIDEE – Cittadelartte Pistoletto Foundation and the University of the Arts, Uniarts Helsinki. In 2017 he participated at Capacete Athens – a nine-month residency in Athens under the broader framework of Documenta 14. 

Doulos is a co-curator of the Unmaking The Netherlands program initiated by Expodium and a co-editor of the Unmaking or How To Rethink Urban Narratives publication. 

Since 2016, he holds a position at the DAI ROAMING ACADEMY as the Senior Coordinator of Planetary Campus.


NIGHTWALKERS WERKSPOOR 2018: THE EXISTING, THE PROBABLE AND THE POSSIBLE. New monthly Nightwalkers sessions in Utrecht’s Werkspoorkwartier are announced on our facebook page!