Margarita del Carmen + Kristian Byskov

Margarita del Carmen and Kristian Byskov are working together on a practical research since
2013. This research takes its point of departure in a search for methods and practices of how
groups of people together can creatively work with the spaces they inhabit. Within this search,
Kristian and Margarita have looked and tried methods of collaborative design; ecological
practices; urban planning; artistic pedagogical tools; as well as exercises and approaches from
the Theater of the Oppressed.
During their period in Capacete, they will research further on theatrical approaches to space,
groups and conflicts within the framework of Félix Guattari’s notion of ‘micro-fascism’ as well as
Augusto Boal’s exercises on ‘the cop in the head’. Margarita and Kristian would like to
participate in conversations and activities around questions like:
If space is always political, loaded with structures of power and domination, how can we as
artists structure our spatial practice and refine our methods to artistically create spaces for
emancipatory practices? How can these artistic actions counter the micro-fascisms from being
expressed through us in our daily, social relations? Does the history of fascist domination repeat
itself in spaces and how can this be changed?