Maneiras de trabalho #3


Image: Sofia Caesar, ‘Worker leaves the factory (conditions for the work)’, 2017. Photo: Sol Archer


The next conversation of ‘Maneiros de trabalho’ will take place with invited guests Sofia Caesar and the Tempo Livre group, on Thursday 30 August at 19h at Capacete.

This third session will divert slightly from the usual format by pairing the artist Sofia Caesar with a group of dialogue partners (Tempo Livre), to discuss the ways of working of Sofia and the group, as well as the shared interest between us all in work conditions and other ways of thinking work.

Sofia Caesar is an artist and examines the languages generated between the body in motion and its control systems.
Tempo Livre is a research and study platform, aimed at understanding the ambiguous relationship between work and leisure in contemporary capitalism – between precariousness and autonomy, between subjection and commitment to freedom. With Bettina Mattar, Ciro Oiticica, Lori Regattieri, Maikel da Silveira, Pedro Mendes, Rafael Rosa, Ricardo Gomes, Tatiana Oliveira, Tatiana Roque, Vítor Mussa.

Maneiras de trabalho is a series of dialogues between artists from different generations, that deals with the question of how artists shape their artistic methodologies in relation to their surroundings and the historical moment they are living. In each session two artists are paired to talk about their practice on the practical level of organizing time, the space they work in, the money they need for their art production, and their relation to collaborators and art institutions in the city. Curated by Tanja Baudoin.