Katherine MacBride

Katherine MacBride is an artist. At one point she was also an art therapist. She works with performance, installation, writing, video, sound, and event making, with and without institutions. Collaboration and supportive practices are important to her: she prints small-edition feminist publications; edits other people’s writing for income and pleasure and sometimes both; works in a drop-in art studio for homeless people; plays synth and quiet vocals in a non-binary music sprawl; and is learning to play and make space with Tender Center, a collectively-run venue for queer events in Rotterdam.
Much of her practice focuses on relational entanglements, listening across and being attentive to difference, and working creatively towards an ethics of inseparability and interdependency.
At Capacete, she’s learning Portuguese so she can talk slowly to people about how they do what they do, sewing small things, listening, walking, cooking, writing, reading, talking. She’d be interested to do any of these things with you and maybe having a chat about what kinds of listening, attention-giving, hosting, and space-making you use in your artistic, collective, political, caring, personal, or any other day-to-day practices.
*** this residency is a partnership with Mondriaan Fonds (https://www.mondriaanfonds.nl/)