18 May 2016, 19h

with Tobi Maier, Helion Povoa Neto and Dra. Roberta Ladeira

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In 2013, Brazil welcomed around 940 thousand permanent immigrants. Less than 0.4% of the world’s migrant population. 940 thousand might seem like an impressive number, however, if we consider that Brazil is the fifth most populous country in the world, with 200 million inhabitants, we realise tha Brazil is not as attractive as it seems to be portrayed. Historically a country that was shaped by migration, today Brazil has a legislation of migration from the time of military dictatorship, 1980’s, which is very little favourable for any type of immigration. So we wonder, how is the current immigration situation in Brazil different from the past? How does the current Brazilian law considers immigrantion, in counterpoint with previous policies?

In the form of a round table, we will talk about the situation of immigrants in Brazil and about practical-legal concerns of immigration in Brazil, and their implications in the field of culture, art and economy. Why the immigration situation in Brazil has complicated so much, why Brazil ahs closed itself so much to immigration? And how does Brazil relate to the current waves of world migration and migratory crisis?


Round table with

Helion Povoa Neto, NIEM – Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Estudos Migratórios, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro
Tobi Maier, curator and art critic, São Paulo
Dra. Roberta Silva Araujo Ladeira, Cesnik, Quintino e Salinas Advogados, Rio de Janeiro