Elsa Bourdot

“I was in Capacete San Paulo for four months, six years ago, and I still have in mind great memories of Clara, Maaike, Joris, Rafa, Wolfe and Helmut, of the view from Edifício Copan, of the caïpirinha(s) at the Bar do Museu, of the perpetual fog, of the trip around Ilha Grande, of our work sessions on the patio, of all the people coming in and out all the time (especially this one woman with her baby who rang at the door one day and with whom we all spend two hours talking, convinced that she was the friend of someone in the room before realizing, when she left, that none of us knew her), of the awkwardness of our luxury situation compared to that of the locals, of Jarbas’s daughter, of the beauty of the city, of the feeling to be lost and of Pride Prejudice and Zombies No. 1. It’s been an amazing and quite unique moment.”