Ed Ducha

“I’m totally off the art world for more than a decade.
I was very active artist and an enthusiast Capacete coworker for the first ten years of it.
In the first photo, you can see me during Caveman (2004), when I lived for two weeks in a small natural shelter nearby the Sugarloaf summit. Helmut asked me to take some pictures of the performance, and we showed them for the 10th anniversary of Capacete in NY. the second photo is a portrait of me, my donkey and a friend when we walked from Ouropreto to Rio (2003). The third is a cover of the program of my theatre play witch we acted in London (2005). Fourth: a real tatoo of the Itau bank logo on a man’s head (2002). Christ redeemer in red (2000). And finally two pictures of my other donkey, my first time working with Capacete in 99.”