Seminar Indigestion Languages ​​and Visual Policies




The Seminar on Indigestion Languages ​​and Visual Policies (@cipei_) along with the 
# CAPACETE2019_2020 program features:

Workshop with Laryssa Machada * on days 2 (from 17 to 20h) and December 3 (from 16 to 19hr)

the fiction of the end has arrived; One of the paths passed through the leaves is to double time space. 
It's all made up now, the world I'll tell you. ///
"Sometimes to Access the Earth We Must Fall" are imaginary (and energetic) rituals of reconnecting 
with our [non] memories to enter the future from a critical eye on colonial historicity and the 
transit of non-hegemonic bodies through the city. . Through the construction of photoperformances 
that include symbols / objects / gestures from Amerindian and aphrodiasporic populations, the idea 
is to visit the healing process that racialized bodies build daily from their [re] creations of reality.
 In the ambition to redesign the future, it is impossible to do so from the oblivion of these violence.
 Thus, we evoke imaginary rituals to realize the axes of cleansing, discharging negative ebos, 
historical quizilas.
The purpose of the workshop is to visit the participant dxs memories seeking to double time-space, 
building new imagery references and rewriting the historicity of the land we ascended. 
|| LIMITED VACANCIES || * @ laryssamachada is a visual artist, photographer and filmmaker.
 builds images as rituals of decolonization and reinvention of reality. His works discuss 
the construction of image about LGBT's, indigenous people, quilombolas, people of the street. 
believe in the weather and storms.
This seminar is made possible by @princeclausfund