Cíntia Guedes

Cíntia’s research goes between the memory of a black female body and the territory of the colonial city, looking for the resistance that can’t be recognized as such. How sexism and racism modulate subjectivities? How  desterritorialization might create spaces of encounter between past and present, although fabulation of future?  All of that supposes a embodied theory, and results in a performative writing.

Crédito Breno Cesar


Marie Rømer Westh

The main focus in my work has for a long time been the dynamic between the individual and the surrounding culture and how our identity is forming and formed by these dynamics. I am now more curious about the way the human race is creating dreams, projecting ourselves into non-existing spaces and developing worlds and objects to fulfil these dreams.



marie westh





Gil & Moti


Their artistry is on-going exploration of identity, the notion of individuality, and related social

norms and forms. Via small-scale social interventions, they address important socio-political

issues, such as discrimination, social exclusion and racism. As artists, a gay couple,

immigrants based in Rotterdam (NL) and Jewish born (ex)Israelis, they have

direct experience of such issues within their own personal lives.





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