Excavating the Anthropocene in Amazonia: Archaeology and Climate Science as Politics

paulo tavares

Sexta-feira dia 30 e sábado dia 31 de outubro – Seminario com projeções (em ingles)

Excavating the Anthropocene in Amazonia: Archaeology and Climate Science as Politics


Sexta-feira dia 30 (em ingles)

14:00: Archaeologia como ciência política, palestra de Eduardo Neves (Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia da USP)

Eduardo Goes Neves is Professor of archaeology at the Museum of Archaeology and Etnology at the University of São Paulo, and a leading researcher working in Amazonia. He co-curated the exhibition and catalogue Unknown Amazon: Culture in Nature in Ancient Brazil, British Museum, 2001.

17:30hs: Forensis in Amazonia (presentation/discussion with Eduardo Neves, Eduardo Cadava, Eyal Weizman, Paulo Tavares, Armin Linke, Princeton Students and Capacete)

19:30: Projeção do filme Serras da Desordem (2006) de Andrea Tonacci,

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Sábado dia 31 (em ingles)

14:00: Amazonia in the Earth System: Impacts of climate change in Amazonia, palestra por Paulo Artaxo (climate scientist, University of São Paulo, UN-IPCC)

 Paulo Artaxo is Professor of Environmental Physics at the University of São Paulo (Brazil). He is a member of the IPCC Working group, and has participated in several major international research efforts, such as IGBP, IGAC, CACGP, IPCC, WMO and others. He has received several awards, among them the title of Doctorate of Philosophy Honoris Causa of the University of Stockholm, Sweden.

19:30: Projeção do filme Corumbiara (2009) de Vincent Carelli

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