Beto Shwafaty

Beto Shwafaty is an artist and researcher based in Brazil. He has been involved with collective, curatorial, and spatial practices since the early 2000s, and as a result, he develops a research-based practice on spaces, histories and visualities, that connects formally and conceptually political, social and cultural issues that are converging to the field of art.

“Capacete is like a studio without walls. It is a multibrain outside of our heads. A network. It is also like a community. It is like being lost, and find the path (maybe not the one you were looking). It is never the same as before. It is food. It is exchanges in micro scale which you will carry with you. It is risk and failures, challenges and construction. Capacete is a house, walls and roof. It is friendship, a multitude of diversities, creating fluxes contexts. It is.”