20 years

apoio Rumos Itaú Cultural 2017-2018

The arquives below, texts and photos, contain information of ex-collaborators that have gone through CAPACETE in it’s 20 year long program, be at resident, giving seminars or workshops and or other forms of collaboration. Through ITAU RUMOS it has been possible to make all the necessary research that culminated in this arquive which also includes a series of free texts that have been commissioned by authors such as: Andrea Fraser, Ricardo Basbaum, Marcia Ferran, Fabiana Borges, Amilcar Packer, Daniela Castro, Ligia Nobre, Agnaldo Farias, Elfi Turpin, Tanja Baudoin , Adeline Lépine, Eliana Otta, Nikos Doulos, Ian Erickson-Kery, Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Teresa Riccardi, Julien Bismuth, Bik van der Pol, Christoph Keller e Helmut Batista

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